A growing number of parents Stateside are outsourcing child-safety planning to the experts.

Would you pay someone $700 to babyproof your home? How about $10,000? That’s the price that was recently paid by a family looking to babyproof a summer rental in The Hamptons for one month.

Professional babyproofing isn’t new, one of the oldest services, has been rounding corners in California (where else) since 1985 but the demand for the service has been growing more rapidly in recent years especially since getting mainstream and media attention when Jay-Z and Beyonce brought in the pros to babyproof their Manhattan penthouse.

Professional or DIY, when it comes to babyproofing, there’s certainly a need. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents two children die in accidents around the home every week in the UK.

Some 90% of all accidents for the under-fives fall into five categories: choking, burning, falls, poisoning or drowning with the majority being completely preventable according to the Child Accident Prevention Trust, a UK charity.

Our modern habits and design trends add to the risk: open staircases, glass fittings and hard flooring aren’t always completely compatible with a three-year old after a juice box. But parents who’ve invested a small fortune in Instagram-worthy interiors aren’t going to settle for a standard babygate from Argos.

That’s where the experts come in.

In the USA one of the biggest kids on the block (pun intended) is Baby Bodyguards. Founded in 2008 by Fred and Courtney Llarraza the company was responsible for the aforementioned babyproofing of the Knowles-Carter household but in a recent interview with Business Insider, the couple reckon that have babyproofed 12,000 homes over the last decade.

Parents can expect to pay $350 for a one-floor package, up to $700 for a standard duplex package. For that, parents will get a full consultation and customised safety plan covering all aspects of child safety. Parents can then choose to have safety fittings which discretely match their décor from Perspex balustrade guards to the most discrete retractable baby gates.

Some parents may be cynical at the thought of outsourcing something as basic as making safe their own home but for others it’s a small investment for some additional piece of mind for the biggest emotional and financial investment of their lifetime.

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