Aly Harrold Coaching For Public Speaking

I believe it is crucial for women to find their voice and deliver their message. No one else can give a voice to your business other than you.

Finding that voice and then being very positive and proactive in accessing platforms to share your message not only bring rewards for your business, it feels good to be heard, really heard for who and what you are and what you offer.

What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for the voices in your head that tell you no one wants to listen, or that you are
not good enough, to abate? The voices don’t stop until you work to prove they are wrong, and they are wrong, it’s only YOU who hears and believes them.

Your voice and message deserves to be heard shared and appreciated.

My work involves workshops, programmes and 1-2- 1 work. Working on the basics of speaking right through to Keynotes or TEDxTalks.

My coaching style is holistic and I will help you access your true individual voice, develop it so that you have depth, resonance and tone, as well as the ability to write and deliver a totally confident talk or presentation.

Confidence in public speaking leads to so many opportunities and can open doors you never even knew were there.

About Aly Harrold Coaching For Public Speaking

  • What: Coaching for public speaking
  • Who: Aly Harold
  • Where: Various venues for workshops in Kent, South East
    & London. Work also delivered by Skype.
  • Get in touch: Please contact via the methods listed below
Aly Harrold

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