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Guest posting information:

Who we reach/ target audience:

  • Mothers who are employed or run their own business, or would like to run their own business.
  • Women seeking a balance between work and family life with children.

Our goals and vision:

  • We aim to provide an online hub where mothers can find inspiration, motivation, support and practical advice.
  • MumsWork is an uplifting website.  We believe that through collaboration comes empowerment.

Who can write for us:

We welcome contributors who are:

  • Working parents,
  • Subject matter experts,
  • Business Owners,
  • Family health professionals


Guest bloggers are rewarded with exposure, rather than remuneration. Please contact us for further details.


MumsWork will provide a list of desired articles/ topics.  If you feel there is something else relevant that you would like to contribute, please do bring it to our attention.


We are happy to accept ad hoc contributions, and are also willing to discuss more frequent submissions.


Please contact us with a synopsis before submitting the full article

If you are interested in providing a guest post(s) for MumsWork then please contact us for our full Guest post guidelines.