How do you be consistently productive at work especially when life is so busy and there are constant distractions and challenges to contend with?

We’ve probably all had the experience of fitting in tons of work immediately before an appointment or holiday and it’s amazing, in those circumstances, how much we can get done!

But we can’t live our lives by that ‘rule’ can we, it would be too stressful and it’s not sustainable.

So, how do we take action to ensure that we stay consistently productive in limited time without pushing up our stress levels?

When I work with my clients we work through my ´5 Fundamentals to Live More’ to help them to look at and improve their business and life. And when I say ‘to Live More’, that’s about getting to do more of the stuff that they want to do rather than what they think they should do.

The five fundamentals are as follows:

  1. Simplify

In the big picture of your life, this is about working out who you are and what you want to do, so that you can drop the unnecessary stuff in your life and work.

From a work productivity point of view, this means being clear about your goals and the outcomes that you want to achieve.

Armed with that information you are then in a position to prioritise and drop the stuff that you are doing that doesn’t fit with that, because it won’t lead to your goals being accomplished.

So you need to work out what you want and need to do and then work out how to align your activity with that.

  1. Systemise

Once you have simplified what you need to do, the next step is about systemising what you do so that your activity is streamlined, efficient, effective and, where possible, automated.

This ensures that what you do gets done in a flow that creates least resistance for you, ensures that you can be consistently productive and also gives you more time to do what you want to!

Creating checklists or instructions to follow can make it much easier for you to get tasks done consistently (there’s that word again) with least thinking and as quickly as possible.

  1. Share

Once you’ve followed the stages of simplifying and systemising what you do, the next step is to work out which tasks only you need to do and which you can outsource and delegate.

What you can delegate, if at all, will of course depend on the role that you have but don’t dismiss the idea without thinking carefully about what options you have.

Often what stops people delegating or outsourcing is getting stuck thinking that it’s quicker and easier to just do the work yourself. Don’t let that be the reason you don’t do it!

  1. Self Care

Self care is all about looking after your health and wellbeing and ensuring your energy levels and resilience are high to keep you happy and well.

If you aren’t fit and well then everything in your life becomes just so much harder to do, including being consistently productive.

How can you self care? The four areas that I try to focus on are mindfulness, exercise, nutrition and sleep.

Focusing regularly on those areas can really help to give you the energy and resilience to work at a level that means you can be consistently productive. And that leads us nicely on to the fifth ‘S’, which is:

  1. Sustain

This is about how you set yourself up to keep taking action by creating routines, rituals and regular habits to build activities into your life and business in a regular, consistent way.

If you implement and continue to apply these 5 Fundamentals in your life and business, you will be able to gradually improve your ability to be consistently productive at work.