For many busy mums juggling work and family life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important, but the idea of detoxing can seem like a step too far. It takes too much time, and won’t give you enough energy to do all those things you need to do each day, right?

Well actually, detoxing doesn’t have to mean starving your body or buying expensive meal replacement kits, but it can mean a healthy way of eating that fits in with your busy schedule. And the rewards can be truly worthwhile.

I started my first detox four years ago for many reasons – mainly the fact that my facial acne was getting out of control. The doctor prescribed lotions, which had high amounts of silica acid and benzoic acid in them. They didn’t work and just made my skin sore and red, with a burning sensation.

I remember it even hurt to sweat because these medicated lotions stripped my skin down so much. I knew deep down that they were just covering up my symptoms and not addressing the real issue that my body was trying to communicate to me.

I felt stuck and I wasn’t sure what to do because my acne and other symptoms such as stomach bloating were really bothering me. I decided to try my first detox to cleanse my body and, hopefully, to help reduce the inflammation I was experiencing.

I did a two-week detox and was amazed at how my body reacted. Bit by bit, I broke old habits, ditched the snacks and treats that were simply filing my body with toxins and replaced them with delicious wholefoods full of flavour, and also full of the nutrients that my body was craving.

After one week I could see my acne healing and my bloated stomach disappearing. Seeing these results in such a short period gave me the motivation to really start changing my diet, eating more real wholefoods that my unique body loves.

Doing the detox allowed my body to heal and feel shiny and new again. Not only were my physical symptoms healing, I had far more focus and mental clarity. I felt my energy levels rise, both physically and emotionally.

Detoxing can have a range of positive effects on your health, including:

  • Rebooting your metabolism
  • Improving your immunity
  • Clearing your mind
  • Glowing skin
  • Weight loss
  • Increasing your energy by giving your digestive system a break from eating large portions

If you are thinking about doing a detox, chances are you are feeling just like I was. You want to feel energetic and vibrant, rather than sluggish and uncomfortable.

Detoxing might seem like a tough challenge. You might feel a little fear at the thought of not being able to eat your favourite foods, or concerned about giving up your daily coffee, chocolate or evening glass of wine. You might think a detox means drinking juice and smoothies all day, and you don’t want to feel hungry.

In fact, a healthy detox should never leave you feeling deprived, but instead feeling nourished by wholesome foods. We’re not talking pills and powders, but delicious foods of all colours and textures, and even my current obsession – raw chocolate! Detoxing should allow you to swap tiresome calorie counting and fad diets for a healthy lifestyle that lasts.

With the right help and support, you can discover the foods that work for you and your unique body. You can be confident in the fact that you can do this, and that you are worth it. The only thing you have to lose is some unwanted weight, dark circles and puffiness under your eyes and that feeling of lethargy that has been dragging you down.