What you wear is generally the first thing people notice when they first meet you.  Your clothes are your shopfront to the outside world.  It is therefore important that you always show your very own personal unique best self.

We all have brands and icons we love to follow but knowing your true self and your own style personality will mean you will always look the best version of you.  Just because a garment looks great on a mannequin or in a magazine or on a friend, it doesn’t mean it will suit you and your shape and your lifestyle.

Get comfortable with knowing what really suits you and your personality.

Regardless of the event or activity, your own unique style personality should underpin your entire wardrobe.  We all have lots of different roles, many of which require a different set of clothes.  You may need clothes for work, for the gym, clothes for socialising or relaxing at home, a date night outfit and possibly more, but throughout all these outfits your natural preferences for style and dressing should be showing through.  Your preferences for certain colours, plains or patterns, for types and weights of fabric, texture, for embellishments and accessories should be obvious within your own wardrobe.  Your personality should be evident the minute you open your wardrobe door.

It really shouldn’t matter what we wear; we should all be able to fully rely on our natural abilities, our skills and our expertise. Unfortunately, that is not always enough because as humans we are hard wired to judge first on what we see and of course what we first see when we spot someone is generally what they are wearing.  We all know that we shouldn’t judge people based on what they look like but it is hard not to and so being aware of how you present yourself can help you to be seen in the best light and not be misjudged.

In general, we want people to think well of us; we want to be liked and we want to be respected.  The only way to gain respect from others is to show respect for yourself.  Knowing yourself and what you are comfortable wearing and that flatters the real you is an easy way to start communicating with others, the real you.  The danger of not showing the real you in the way that you dress is a credibility gap.  You should look every bit as amazing as you are, every day.  Make sure people know the real true you from the outset by showing your personality in what you wear.

Really understanding what makes you different and what is important to you, can really help to define your true values and to be genuine, congruent and consistent with what you wear. Knowing your style personality means you can really start to become clear how you will dress so that you represent yourself consistently and can really start to walk your talk.

We all understand how companies use branding to project messages and to attract potential clients and deals. In the same way, you can use your own style personality.  People do business with people, long before they buy products and services.  We all know the importance of building good relationships and having a recognizable style can more easily help you attract the right relationships and opportunities.

We are all aware of the fact that like attracts like, so if you are not presenting yourself correctly you could be attracting the wrong type of attention.  If you value high standards and quality you need to represent that high quality, status and excellence in your image.  You need to look every bit as skilled and talented as you truly are, do not undersell your knowledge and experience by dressing poorly.

There is no right way to dress your personality but you should be true to yourself.

Be unique, be yourself but be the best you can be because it really is all about YOU.