It’s a sad state of affairs that in the twenty-first century, most people would still agree that finding part time work is difficult.  We’re not talking about casual part time roles, which are easier to come by.  We’re talking about professional, skilled roles – a continuation of a career.

Last year we saw a change in legislation which improved the request to work flexibly but as our recent flexible working survey shows us not everyone has embraced it yet.

The reason Kirsteen (partner in crime)  and I formed Ten2Two,  was because we didn’t know where to start our search looking for this type of work. When I spoke to many recruitment organisations and asked for a flexible role they looked at me like my head was spinning and green smoke was coming out of my ears! “Ooo don’t mention the F word”.

I’m glad to say things have changed in the last 7 years and the avenues for this type of job search are opening up.  There are many job boards popping up offering these opportunities as well as some specialist agencies like ours.

I am always AMAZED by our community of talented experienced professionals who have chosen for whatever reason (mostly parenthood) to find a role that offers some sort of flexibility. If more employers embrace flexible working as a ‘norm’, not a benefit, they will reap the rewards; the first and by far the best, access to you the unique under-utilised talent pool.  Not to mention better employee retention, reduced absenteeism and  increased productivity. What’s not to love?

I read this article recently from Deloitte about how Millennials see flexibility in their workplace as a top priority. Talent attraction and retention will hopefully soon force employers to focus on flexible working as a top priority and this type of article will be a thing of the past.  Sadly, it’s not here yet, though and for the time being if you are looking for great opportunities with flexibility in mind, a specialist agency is a great place to start.