Admin is boring. Running a small business means you are busy, all of the time.  There’s always a million things on your to-do list which is why some of the ‘boring little stuff’ gets missed.  But as the saying goes ‘every little helps’ and nothing could be more true than when it comes to turning leads into paying customers.

I am no longer shocked now when I meet clients who are actively chasing new business but then fail miserably at the first hurdle with no efficient plan in place to follow up the leads they have.

So here are my top five simple tips on creating great leads and turning them into engaged customers in the easiest way possible.  

1. This one is a no brainer.  FOLLOW UP when you’ve met a potential contact or customer.  Whether it is asking their permission to add them to your email list or quite simply connecting on LinkedIn, it is surprising how little follow up people actually do after networking events or attending an exhibition.  If you’re the one that does, chances are that work might just come your way.

2.  It’s a simple click to gain more Facebook page likes that many people are unaware of.  If you have likes on your business posts then click the link at the bottom of the post (the one that tells you how many likes you have) and make sure you ‘invite’ all those lucky people that pop up to like your page as well.  This small trick can make a big difference to your follower numbers over time.  

3.  A downloadable ‘gift’ on your website otherwise known as a minimum viable product (MVP) is a little bundle of lead generating magic.  You simply offer your MVP in exchange for your potential customers email address.  For example, if you are a photographer then you could ask customers to sign up for your “top ten tips for shooting great family portraits” or as a recruitment consultant, ‘ten great questions to ask at your interview’.  Simple but effective, these downloadable PDF’s help customers engage with your brand immediately.

4.  With so many more customers now reaching out through Facebook Messenger, it makes good sense to automate your responses to increase engagement.  Use the messenger tab in your settings menu to set up instant replies and greetings.  You can set up personalised messages and include your website URL to further promote engagement with your customers.

5.  Now if someone has gone to the effort to sign up for more information on your website then please, for the love of the marketing gods, keep the conversation going.  I use Mailchimp (but there plenty of others) to automate up to six weeks of email campaigns for new sign ups.  After the automation is set up you can engage with your new prospects with little or no extra effort.  So if they choose a week to sign up when you are super busy you know you’ve got your follow up covered until you can make it more personal.

See, all fairly simple stuff!  Get your marketing systems in place and they can do some of the hard work for you.  That way boring actually becomes quite brilliant!