Hannah Hukins Piano Lessons


This is my story

My name is Hannah Hukins, I live in Kent and am a mum of two girls. I graduated in maths from Nottingham University and went straight into an IT job in London where I stayed for fifteen years. I went part time after having my first child, but I found the balance difficult so when the opportunity for voluntary redundancy came up, I grabbed it. I am a good pianist and had wanted to teach for a while, so I enrolled on a course to gain my teaching diploma. Whilst I was on the course, I was lucky enough to be recommended to a mother of four to teach all of her children, and since then it has been progressively building, mostly by recommendations. In 2015 I was asked to teach privately at my children’s school and now have sixteen pupils there. I now have a total of thirty-five pupils and teach during the day while the girls are at school, two afternoons when the girls are at after school club and one evening when my husband is home. It is great to have a term time job and  I have a good relationship with all my pupils with flexibility on both sides.



In a nutshell

  • Name: Hannah Hukins
  • Company: Music Teacher – Private Piano Lessons
  • Established: 2011


Hannah Hukins


Highest grade achieved with me

Youngest Pupil

Music has been part of your life since an early age – when did you first start teaching piano?

I started in 2011 at the age of 37.

You previously had a career in I.T.  Did you set up as a music teacher as an alternative to returning to a job in the city?  What was your motivation?

It was something I had always wanted to do and I didn’t enjoy working in the city with the girls in nursery. Voluntary redundancy came up so with a nice cushion of a generous redundancy sum, I took the opportunity.

How did you get started?  Did you have to promote yourself very much?

I started teaching when a mother of 4 contacted me through my own piano teacher and asked me to take on her children, knowing that I was still doing my diploma. I advertise on a free site for finding local instrumental teachers, but most of my pupils have come through word of mouth.

How many hours a week do you teach and how do you find new students?

I teach 15 hours a week, made up of 20 or 30 minute lessons. I teach at pupils’ houses so have a small amount of travel time too. I am fortunate that new students usually find me and there seems to be a good demand locally for piano lessons.  I help out with music at my children’s school, which has led to me teaching privately there.


Do you have any aspirations to grow this as a business and to employ other teachers – what are your future plans?

When the children are older I can take on more evening work, but I am happy with the way things are at the moment. I try to always keep Tuesdays free to catch up with life!

Is working for yourself all you hoped it would be?  What are the best and worst parts of your work?

The best parts are the teaching itself and getting to know a variety of people – I love having a gossip with my adult pupils! The flexibility of the job is great – if my children have sports day or a concert or something, I can re-arrange lessons – and that works the other way too if pupils need to change their lesson. The worst part is invoicing, I don’t like asking people for money, but it’s part of the job and obviously people expect it!