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House of Colour


Offering personal colour analysis, make up and personal style sessions from a studio space in your home.  Add on services – personal shopping, wardrobe decluttering, make up sales.



  • Between £4695 and £8225 depending on model chosen
  • 22 days training in all skills required
  • 144 precision dyed drapes & stand
  • Colour wheel
  • Silver and gold metals
  • Warm & cool pearls
  • Manual
  • Sample make up
  • 4 colour wallets and booklets


Minimum of 20 hours per week


£30k at full time

Best suited to:

People who are:

  • Energetic
  • Engaging
  • Organised
  • People focused

The small print

  • Type: Self-employed
  • Working hours: Flexible – but 20 as minimum
  • Home or office: Home studio – dedicated room or external studio
  • Area: Nationwide

Contact details

Jane's story

Jane's story


Name: Jane

Location: Maidstone

Family: Mum to two daughters


I can honestly say that attending a colour analysis class changed my life!

I had taken redundancy from M&S, had 2 young daughters and was not feeling great about myself .

My wardrobe was depressing and I didn’t know what a stay at home mum wore. I really had lost my identity! I knew when I took redundancy that I wanted to work for myself but that was about all.

Without any prior knowledge a House of Colour gift voucher came through the post from my husband. A colleague of his was raving about House of Colour and he thought correctly that I would enjoy the experience!

At my colour class I was given a newsletter which asked the question

’are you looking for a change of direction, do you live in …Maidstone because we are looking for a consultant for that area’

I couldn’t believe what I was reading – I came home spoke to my husband and said this is what I want to do , I applied for the franchise pack that night and 6 months later I was beginning my training.

15 years on and I am still passionate about inspiring and supporting my clients to change through colour and style.

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