And so it begins…. our love affair.  First, we get to know each other… you will think I am funny… I am!  Then, comes the resistance. The sticky part of love…the honesty that I will not hide…. but then comes the beauty of every connection, trust and love.

My name is Sarah-Anne Lucas, all my friends and family call me ‘Bird’ and I would love you to do the same.  I am a Mumma to 3 extraordinary big people, a curious author, writer, teacher of movement, entertaining businesswoman… and Ironman.

Long before the birth of ‘Birdonabike’, my living, breathing purpose lay within the nursing profession.  Always seeking to be the very best of me within any role I adopted.  From sister in A&E to Nurse Practitioner diagnosing and prescribing within the community.

My nursing days crashed into the meltdown of my eldest son Jack.  He is autistic and was failing to survive within any part of the community.  Leaving the home became a marathon effort, of which only the strongest of people could safely enforce .

Mum was needed at home, licensing me to disappear…. Disappear into the depths of the family unit.  Disappear into my own thoughts… believing in the emotions in my every cell.

BUT – Here it comes… As it turns out, this was the very place that I needed to be…. to become me!  Without this moment my strength would not have risen.  Without this moment, my love for myself would not have been nurtured.  Without this moment, my family would not have grown.

You.  You are the most amazing person.  In my work to support women, I am curious why you do what you do.  Your loves, your losses, your value and beliefs.  Why have you chosen to rise when most choose to stay?  Why have you chosen to breath in the essence of you when most hold their breath?  Why have you chosen to see when most choose to be blind?

My job is to test the love you have for yourself… the love for your potential..  Are you prepared to hold my hand and let me support and guide you through this challenge?

A wonderful friend once said, a true challenge is only ever a challenge if you have fifty percent chance of failing.  So here is your challenge.

TAKE  ACTION.  Stop…… Pause …. and………..Breath

Sit.  Just you, with a pad and a pen.  Write… no typing.. it gets into your nervous system if you hand write.  Write down your most ridiculous thoughts, as if you were a child dreaming.  What did you always think you would be when you grew up?  Yet you find yourself ended up right where you are at this moment.  Write down truly embarrassing outcomes, goals…. Such embarrassing thoughts that you refuse to show your family, even though they have the most love for you.  Take just five minutes to scribble down your magnificent imaginings.

Take another breath in… make this one deeper..and smile.  You have just begun to test your potential.  What did you see?  Did you see you?  Did you find what you were seeking?  The pursuit of your potential.  How did you feel as you were writing?

When I practice this exercise, I always feel vulnerable.  I experience a battle of my intentions, a battle with my ego.  I always laugh and smile when testing my potential.  If you don’t see your potential and make it a tangible product, no-one else will.  Why should they believe in you if you don’t believe in you!

So my darling, play with this action every day.  Your challenge is to get up 15 minutes earlier every day and test your potential.  Without this daily action, your potential remains just a dream, a fairy-tale within you.  Take action and test your potential everyday!  Yes, I really did say “every day!”

Go Shine Bright…