Life is better when you laugh.  In fact, everything feels better with a smile on your face.

We mistakenly assume that we need to feel happy to laugh when the truth is, laughing makes us feel happy.  The body actually doesn’t know the difference between real and simulated laughter.  Children naturally laugh hundreds of times a day and, sadly, as we grow older if we laugh ten times a day we are doing well.  Organised laughter sessions might sound a bit odd, but they give you the opportunity to wake up your chuckle muscles and the more you use them, the stronger they get, and the easier it is to fall into a natural hearty laugh.

Laughter Sessions stimulate your ability to laugh and experience joy and the happiness. This feel good feeling extends into your life and as laughter is contagious your joyfulness will also spread those around you.  

Laughter is Communication

Collins dictionary definition of communication:  the act or an instance of communicating; the imparting or exchange of information, ideas, or feeling

Here’s a thought:  Laughter is a form of communication that all humans recognise and do in the same way.  No matter where in the world we live we all laugh in exactly the same way.  Laughter transcends status, class, age, race and culture.  No matter where we live in the world we all laugh in exactly the same way.

I always find it fascinating that something that is so accessible and familiar to all humanity, goes almost unnoticed and is certainly not valued for the wonderful power it has and the amazing benefits it gives us physically, emotionally and socially.

We learn to laugh before we can speak; it is one of the first ways we learn to communicate with our care givers.  As a baby we smile and laugh before we talk and we quickly learn that laughing gets positive responses from the people around us.

Laughing is something we enjoy because laughter fires off feel-good hormones called endorphins.  As a baby we quickly recognise that our laugh gets others to laugh too and soon we are sharing our gift of laughter with everyone we meet.   Have you ever tried not smiling at someone who smiles at you?  It’s not easy is it?  That’s because we learnt this response when we were a baby and it is now almost like a trigger (a positive Anchor.)

As we get older, we learn new behaviours and get wrapped up in other ways of communicating.  Along the way we sort of unlearn how to be joyful and this, in turn, impacts on the quality of our relationships and health.  Relationships that share positive experiences (including laughter) tend to be better able to cope with challenges and stresses.  It has been said “People who laugh together stay together”

Laughter is a great human connector. When we laugh with someone we experience what they are experiencing and this creates a connection.  The shortest distance between two people is said to be a smile and I believe laughing is a smile with the volume turned up.  When we laugh with someone we are completely connected, feeling what they are feeling and sharing a positive emotional experience.

Rediscovering how to bring more laughter into your communication strategy can have an amazingly positive impact on you and those you interact with.  People like being with people who make them feel good, just as we did when we were babies.   Therefore when you laugh and smile more you will notice others laughing and smiling more too.  

“Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi

Laughter benefits:

  • We are more tolerant of people we laugh with
  • We feel more connected to people we laugh with
  • Laughter encourages creativity – a great asset at work
  • Laughter releases feel good endorphins
  • Laughter reduces stress
  • People who laugh regularly tend to be healthier
  • Laughter boosts the immune system and brain function

One way to create more laughter in your world is by practicing your laughter skills and literally waking up your chuckle muscles with laughter exercises (Yes! Laughter exercises!)


Laughter Sessions

Laughter sessions are a great way to redress this balance.  By encouraging teams (or families or individuals as part of personal development) to connect with others through laughter they begin to share positive experiences with one another. Laughter is a great stress reliever too and re-oxygenates the body boosting the immune system and brain functions as well as releasing feel good endorphins.

Once those chuckle muscles have been reawakened the laughter spreads, impacting life beyond the sessions and you’ll notice more and more reasons to laugh in your day to day life!  Why not establish laughter as a healthy part of our business or work life communication too?  It’s contagious, so this feel good feeling is then associated to the people/place with whom we laughed which, in turn, does wonders for how you are perceived. Add this to the obvious fact that you will fell more positive, resilient and happy and what’s not to love? 

Go on, I dare you to give it a go!