If you’re looking for employment, whether it be permanent, part-time or are even seeking a freelance gig, then a recruitment agency specialising in family friendly work could be just what you need. We’ve brought together some of the best local advice to start you off on the right foot…

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You may think that finding flexible work that allows you to work either from home or within school hours is the holy grail, but increasingly recruitment agencies are responding to the need. Campaigns such as #workthatworks and increasing press attention about the difficulties working mums face on a daily basis mean that this cause is increasingly being met with solutions.

The recruitment companies on this page all specialise in finding jobs that are flexible – this means a number of things to different people. For example you might want to work less than five days a week, work a compressed fortnight where you do longer days but get a day off, do shorter hours, have the ability to work from home, have the ability to set your own hours. There are many permutations and really you need to decide what works best for your situation and go for it.

Elsewhere on the site we have advice on how to ask for flexible working and we also have tips for finding jobs in school hours. So check out the companies on the directory, read up on the tips we have for you and hopefully you could be on the way to finding the new flexible job of your dreams. Happy hunting!

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