Your Loyal VA

This is my story

I set up Your Loyal VA (Business Support Services) in November 2015 after having my daughter and realising that no company will give an Executive PA a part-time family friendly job! They always want a full-time PA and I wanted to spend a few days a week with my daughter, and was tired of working for aggressive high achievers and wanted to work with interesting and exciting clients who are pleasant to work with and grateful for your help in driving their businesses forward.   So I decided to go freelance and realised there was a whole burgeoning world of VA’s out there.

My business takes pride in the 13 years experience I have from London working at a very high level and being able to bring that wealth of knowledge to people’s businesses at a fraction of the cost. 

In a nutshell

  • Name:  Lucy Tipler
  • Company: Your Loyal VA.  Smart Support at the Click of a Button
  • Established: November 2016
  • Web:
Lucy Tipler

Having a Virtual Assistant is the new flexible solution for small businesses who can’t stretch to employing a permanent member of staff and needs a more modern, versatile solution to help them with all aspects of their business support, whilst receiving superb quality support but at a fraction of the price without the overheads associated with staff.

You provide busy individuals with a freelance PA service.  What sort of tasks do you get asked to do most often?

Project management, seeing a task through from beginning to end.

Event Management, taking the stress and hassle out of an event for someone and putting on a smooth-running and efficient event as required.

Website building – for the small businesses and entrepreneurs who need a web presence but cannot stretch to the budget required by web developers.

We know you support entrepreneurs and business owners.  Do you also work for individuals as a Lifestyle PA?

Yes, I enjoy working for individuals and families to help them with their busy lives – as long as people treat you with respect and integrity, I am happy to help anyone and ensure their lives run more smoothly. As a busy working mother myself, I know we could all use a spare pair of trust-worthy hands at times!

What is your typical Monday morning like?

I never have a typical Monday morning because the freelance life is never knowing what is around the corner, what exciting new client you might work for or new project you have going on.  I now love Monday mornings and look forward to them!

How do you find new clients?

Usually word of mouth, someone kindly recommends me or my work to someone, but otherwise networking – you are your business and your product – so the best way to bring in new business is to get out there and shout about what you do!

How do you deal with clients who want things done at short notice and at all times of day and in the evenings?
I think it is all about setting expectations and putting down realistic time-scales.  I always hit deadlines and the people I tend to work with know that they have to have reasonable expectations. I charge more for immediate turnaround and evening work.

What do you enjoy most about being in business?  And what are the main drawbacks?

I mainly enjoy being my own boss and not answering to anyone else’s moods.  I love the flexibility it gives me when my daughter needs me or has a school play or similar which I don’t have to beg anyone else if I can attend.  The drawbacks of freelancing are the unknown pay expectation from one month to the next – but it is worth it for the variety and joy that freelancing can bring as opposed to the endless day in and day out monotony of working in an office 9am – 5pm year after year.