This is my story

My name is Caroline Gilmartin  I am a fully qualified Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist, Iridologist and HRV practitioner. I am also qualified to advise on Hydrotherapy, Bodywork and use muscle response testing techniques in my clinic.

I also specialise in children’s health, allergies and food intolerances and stress related conditions.

Its nearly 5 years ago I left a my job as a corporate banker in the city to set up Nutraclin. I feel very privileged to be doing a job I love and am so passionate about.  I have 3 children Rory aged 7, Ella aged 8 and Conor (stepson) age 13 who keep me very busy.


In a nutshell

  • Name: Caroline Gilmartin
  • Company: Nutraclin
  • Established: 2012
  • Web:
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Empowering You To Improve Your Health

Why did you decide to leave city life and retrain in naturopathic nutrition?

Honestly it was what I was meant to do. I am passionate about helping my clients to heal themselves.

How long did it take you to get set up and was there a large financial investment?

It didn’t take long to set up the business basics. I chose to work from home (less overheads) but invested in additional qualifications and equipment which were a few thousand pounds. As I was giving up a good salary I needed to ensure that I started to make money and this was another reason to qualify in other disciplines to differentiate myself.

Who is your target audience and how do you market yourself?

My target audience is really everyone who is interested in their health and well-being. Probably women aged between 35-60 are my largest demographic. I market myself very little now mainly Facebook groups, nutrition resource and my website. The majority of my business is by word of mouth.

What’s the most challenging aspect of running your business?  And what is the most rewarding?

Most challenging is doing it all ! Marketing, admin, tax, enquiries, there is no one else to do it for me. The rewards are in the results and stream of referrals which is making my business a success.

What do you love most about what you do?

I love the change in a client face when they realise that their symptoms are understood and there is a way forward. I love it when they call me to tell me they feel so much better. I love the fact that they now have the knowledge to take control of their health.

What are your future plans for Nutraclin?

I would love to open a clinic called nutraclin where I could bring together like minded professionals to help people improve their health.