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As a primal health coach my aim is to help people adopt a healthy life-style, ease digestive issues and manage body weight. So many people suffer from conditions that can be improved or cured simply by eating, moving and sleeping like we were designed to.

Primal Living is a lifestyle that was designed for us and that ensures optimum health. Our biological make-up hasn’t changed since we evolved as Homo sapiens, but our lifestyles have and we have never been more ill, fat and tired. Our diet and lifestyle has a major impact on our metabolic processes and ultimately, on our health and wellbeing.

I can help you to optimise your health by fuelling your body with unprocessed, nutrient-dense foods, getting plenty of sleep, reducing stress, plenty of walking, play and efficient exercise. With these things in place you will be more likely to
feel happier, cure and prevent many ailments, improve skin and hair condition, have more energy and look lean and fit.

I offer a 21-day online Primal Health Reboot, a 4-week one-to- one Primal Health Programme, a Lifestyle Assessment, half-day one-to- one intensives and (corporate) workshops.

You are welcome to a free 30-minute discovery call.

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About The Real Health Thing

  • What: Primal Health Coaching
  • Who: Roël McMahon
  • Where: Tunbridge Wells and surrounding areas, also available via Skype anywhere in the
  • Get in touch: Please contact via the methods listed below

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