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This is my story

I’m Claire John founder of Thrive Mums, a coaching and hypnotherapy practice based in Winchester Hampshire.

I have a 6-year old daughter so I understand the trials and tribulations of being a mum. I set up Thrive to help women who want to shake it up and create a life they love after having children. Mums come up against so much opinion, advice and criticism and this, coupled with attempting to juggle everything, can leave us feeling far from optimal. Whether you’re a mum in the early stages of parent hood, you’re struggling to decide what to do next or feeling disconnected with who you are and what you want Thrive is about getting you back on track and feeling fabulous.


I work with clients on a one-to-one basis using a blend of coaching and hypnotherapy that is completely tailored to the individual.  The brilliant thing is that coaching creates some real momentum while hypnotherapy can be used to deal with any ‘road blocks’ such as confidence issues that crop up along the way. The aim here is to help Mums  build mental and emotional resilience, reduce stress and anxiety and develop a sense of inner confidence that allows them to do things their way.      
Thrive HQ is my home in Winchester but to make sessions super accessible regardless of location I also work over Skype.

In a nutshell

  • Name: Claire John, Managing Director and Founder
  • Company: Thrive Mums Hypnotherapy
  • Established: 2017
  • Web:
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“The aim here is to help Mums  build mental and emotional resilience, reduce stress and anxiety and develop a sense of inner confidence that allows them to do things their way”

What made you decide to qualify as a hypnotherapist and coach?

I’ve personally experienced profound positive change through hypnotherapy, counselling and coaching so I know first hand how effective and totally transformative it can be.   After having my daughter I wanted to develop a new career that was very much about helping people in a way that suited my skills and personality.   
I did two years of counselling skills training but during my time at college I had hypnotherapy for a skin condition and associated stress – this was a total game changer for me and I enrolled on a Hypnotherapy Diploma course. As I developed my own style of working, of blending everything together, I discovered I had a passion for coaching and it all fell into place.

Describe a typical day?
I tend to read emails when I first wake up (before my daughter does), do some sort of fast and furious exercise and get ready for school. After the school run I get home, whack on the coffee machine and prepare for my first client. I work from home so sessions are either face-to-face over a cuppa or via Skype video call.  I limit the number of clients I take on which means I stay 100% focused when I’m working (I usually see two Thrive clients per day).  This also gives me time to plan, prepare, write and develop my business. It’s really important to me that I’m optimal and maintain a balance in my life – I really am my own case study!

What qualities would you say you need to succeed as a hypnotherapist?
Good communication skills and the ability to engage with a variety of people are key qualities.  For me the ability to listen, to be able to really tune in to someone, is also an essential skill for any therapist or coach.  Regardless of how qualified you are, it’s vital to keep your knowledge up-to-date (I read, research and regularly undertake CPD training) so a passion for the field definitely helps. A bit of self-confidence goes a long way too.

How do you find running the business fits in with family commitments?
When I set up my business I wanted to make sure that it worked for me not against me and I think I’ve struck a good balance.  Working with mums means that my business hours tend to fit around school.

What sort of investment do you typically need to make to establish yourself as a hypnotherapist??
Over the years I have invested several thousand pounds in training and gaining my qualifications. On top of that there’s professional insurance and membership to professional organisations like the NCH and GHR.  In terms of marketing that’s very much up to the individual but I started with a website and cost effective local networking. It’s a lot about word of mouth.  Another cost factor is whether you hire a premises or not – I personally work from home so this helps with overheads.

What’s next for your business?
I’m really looking forward to growing the business and helping more women shift from survive to thrive mode. Alongside working one-to-one I’m planning to develop a group coaching program and an on-line ‘hub’ where mums will be able to access support, including hypnosis audios and coaching videos, even when they’re in the thick of it. I also want to write, blog and spread the ‘brand’ message that it really is possible to do this stage of your life your way.   I set up my business so that I’m able to grow it gradually as my daughter becomes more independent and I have more time available.