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You learn more in a day shadowing an expert doing your dream job than you will doing anything else.  50% of our explorers realise after shadowing a day this is actually not their ‘dream job’ (saving them in one case £3million on the brewery he didn’t end up buying).  For the other 50% (mainly mums wanting to go back to work) it has been transformative: giving them the confidence they need to know this is within their skills and capabilities.

We specialise in providing insights for those who want to leave the corporate world.  Think small businesses, think founder led operations, think start ups, think charities and social enterprises.  We can do corporate jobs too but tend to limit this to conversations and meetings as opposed to the full blown shadowing experience.  Whatever job you want, its more likely with our legal documentation in place, we’ll be able to get you someone to learn from.
Whether for you, your husband or children who want/need inspiration have a look through and get in touch.

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  • What: Shadow your dream job
  • Who: Lucy standing
  • Where: London and all over
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