If you are looking to travel with a purpose, use your skills, be part of a collaboration with women from a different background and culture, wish to be inspired and have your senses awakened, then this is the expedition for you.  Not just for business owners but also for women who would like to make an impactful difference in this world, leave a footprint for the next generation, give back and collaborate with other like minded women

Each person that forms part of the team may have a different objective, and ultimately come away with a different perspective, impact and outcome, but all should be open minded, empathetic, love a challenge and want to learn about a different culture and the role of women within an emerging business environment. The expedition aims to offer a chance to connect with nature, self reflect and push participants out of their comfort zone.

What impact will the expedition have on the people we meet in Malawi?
During your time in Malawi you will meet a real range of people from market sellers to musicians to youth group leaders and women who run successful businesses in the city. We try and link your skills/interests and passions with a relevant entrepreneur in Malawi so you can share skills, experiences and possibly build links for future business and friendship at home and overseas. Impact in Malawi can be found in the simple acts of listening to challenges, sharing knowledge and for Malawian women to have the opportunity to talk to ladies from a different culture, background and set of experiences.


For full details, follow this link:  https://spark.adobe.com/page/JKsFAbX6R1OxD/