Following on from our popular post ‘10 cool freelance business ideas‘, here are another 10 exciting ideas for you to explore.

  1. Professional Organiser/Declutterer

In the wake of Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying and several other books about minimalism and getting rid of clutter, the services of professional organisers are more sought after than ever. If you love sorting and have empathy for people, this is a business you can start with minimal outlay. is this growing industry’s supporting body and they provide courses and information.

  1. Personal Stylist/Image Consultant

If you have an eye for fashion and a great way with people then helping someone look and feel fabulous could be the perfect job for you. This can be a tricky business to break into as it is a service some people feel reluctant to pay for – after all, what you wear and what you look like are incredibly personal statements. There are courses available online.

  1. Photo Editor

If you’re a whizz with Photoshop people might be prepared to pay for your professional help to improve their pictures. Once you have a portfolio to display, either on your own website, or using Instagram and other social media, you can advertise your services on platforms such as and look for work on freelancing websites.

  1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant provides administrative support remotely, usually from home.  Becoming a virtual assistant can be done overnight but to actually bring in any money will take a lot longer.  The Society of Virtual Assistants say that getting your first five clients on board can take time and recommend you begin by networking ferociously.  Typical earnings are £25 an hour.  If you can start with a few contacts from your previous job, you’ll have a huge advantage.  Starting from scratch is hard and you’ll find that there’s a niche where certain types of business person make your ideal client.  Find them fast.

  1. Life Coaching

Are you a good listener with an ability to inspire people?  There are no official qualifications needed to start practicing as a life coach but qualifications and membership of a professional organisation like the European Mentoring and Coaching Council might lend you more credibility.  Life coaching can take many forms: face-to-face appointments, online or telephone sessions.  Once established you can charge £30+ an hour.

  1. Skill Sharing

If you have a hobby or a passion and enjoy sharing your expertise, you could earn money from this.  Whether it is how to make marmalade, mastering quilting techniques or improving IT skills for elderly, if you can identify what you know that someone else would like to know, you can charge for it.  As well as advertising locally, you could explore online options like  Establish your reputation and your client base by providing free guides on YouTube and Twitter.

  1. Health and Beauty Therapist

Whether it be manicures or massages, people love to be pampered.  If you love looking polished and enjoy spending time with others this could be a great small business to run from home.  There are many courses available at local colleges, specialising in different aspects of beauty therapy.  Your initial outlay will vary depending on what you specialise in and whether you treat people in your home or offer a mobile service visiting people in theirs.

  1. Concierge Service

As a concierge, or lifestyle manager, you can expect your working day to be very varied.  You might be finding flights for someone in the morning, picking up dry-cleaning at lunchtime and finding a rare-breed kitten to ship to Dubai in the afternoon.  There are very exclusive concierge services available for the super wealthy, but there are also services that help people on a smaller scale.  Explore what’s available locally and start there – networking and word-of-mouth recommendations will be your most powerful ally in this industry.

  1. Doula

A doula is a someone who supports a woman through birth and after birth, much in the way a sister or mother might. Empathy, calmness and flexibility are essential qualities in a doula.  Work is irregular hours and with no guarantee of how long a woman’s labor might take, or how long she might want your services for after the baby is born.  There are training courses available and much more information can be found at

  1. Cooking

If you are an aspiring Nigella, you could do a lot worse than providing a cook at home service (sometimes known as a private chef).  Frozen, healthy, ready to heat meals provide an ideal alternative for busy working families.  There are a number of companies who already provide this but a local handmade service, which offers really great food, will always be in demand.  You would need to register with the Food Standards Agency to ensure you meet health and safety requirements.