Well, we’re two weeks in.  How is your 2018 going so far?  Are your resolutions still holding up? If so, well done you.  Apparently it’s around about now that most fall by the wayside leaving us feeling deflated and a bit, um… well, rubbish really.

I watched a fantastic masterclass on goal setting recently.  It was broadcast on facebook by Pete Cohen and left me feeling so optimistic and fired up about the year ahead, that I thought I’d share it with our MumsWork readers.

Rather than simply set big goals, the masterclass focusses more on a step by step approach.  These were my key takeaways:

You have an opportunity to do something incredible in 2018.  However, if you want anything to change you will have to do things differently.  If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you will get what you’ve always got, so it’s really important to evaluate last year.  Look at what didn’t work out, look at where you failed and see what can be learned from it.  Ask yourself, what did you say you would do, then didn’t do?  What promises did you make, then not keep?  What did you start and not finish?

This isn’t about judgement and giving yourself a hard time, it’s about noticing and learning so you don’t repeat the same mistakes this year.  So take a good look at 2017.  Be honest with yourself, evaluate last year’s goals, the actions you took and the outcomes.  Then put them in the bin and move on.

What was brilliant in 2017?  Looking at the positives, what did you do really well last year?  What made you happy? What are you proud of?

How’s your thinking?  Did you spend much time doubting yourself or ruminating?  Energy flows where attention goes so make sure one of your goals for this coming year is to improve the quality of your thoughts and manifest questions and statements that are helpful for you.

What’s the theme of 2018 for you?  Identify a couple of words that sum up your year ahead and give an overall sense of how you are going to tackle 2018.  Maybe write them down, stick them on the wall at home somewhere.  Remind yourself often of how you want to live 2018.  Think of how other people around you stand to benefit by you living your life this way.

Fire up your imagination.  Take a few moments to consider how you will feel if, one year from now, you have not achieved your goals and nothing has changed.  How do you feel looking at that version of yourself? Sad perhaps?  Disappointed?

Now consider the opposite.  What if you achieved it?  What if everything changed and you’re living an awesome life?  How proud would you be of yourself looking in from the outside?

Spend some time visualising yourself one year from now and picturing what’s possible in as much detail as possible.  Feel the emotions and connect with it.  See it, believe it and know with absolute certainty that it’s going to happen.  Trust it.

Know that obstacles are coming.  Once you’ve set your goals, the next step is to understand and accept that there will be obstacles along the way that are going to challenge you.  You have the greatest chance of overcoming these if you are expecting them and are ready for them.  Overcoming obstacles will make you stronger.  Preparation gives you your best chance of not being derailed.

Have a plan.  What are you going to do when the obstacles come?  Having a plan in place is going to make the difference between falling at the first hurdle and overcoming them with relative ease.  When the going gets tough, the tough get going.  Revisit visualisation and remind yourself of the person you are going to be a year from now.  Oh, and ask for help too.  Who is your support network?

Powerful questions.  Who, what, why and how?  Who are you committed to becoming?  What are your specific goals?  Why do you want to achieve them? (The ‘Why’ had better be huge!) How are you going to achieve it?

Small steps every day.  This is important!  What are the baby steps you can take every day to help you along the journey towards your goals?  Identify these and install them in your daily routine as rituals.  Prioritise them.  Consider them non-negotiable.

Enjoy the journey.  If one thing is certain, there won’t be a direct route to achieving your goals.  Make sure you are enjoying the journey.

Give negative self-talk the heave-ho.  Notice that voice you hear when you are setting your goals?  The one that says, “I’ve tried this before and failed”, “I’ll never do it” and so on.  Our minds play tricks on us.  It wants to limit us to where we have always been, in the safe zone.  You’re going to have to learn to listen to your heart instead.  Trust in yourself and your abilities; this is where confidence comes from.

To bring about significant change in 2018 will require effort!  Good luck.

Pete Cohen delivers daily online coaching.  Search facebook for ‘Mi365’.  If you’d like to hear Pete deliver the original broadcast, you can catch it here.