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by Mar 2, 2017

Working for:

Musical Bumps


We license musically-minded people to run their own business delivering Musical Bumps classes.
Our core work is with families of babies and children not yet at school.  We also deliver a schools music curriculum in Early Years and Key Stage 1 settings.  After school clubs, fun choirs and work with children with SEN is also possible.

We are a flexible team – the most important skills include having a confident singing voice and great communication skills.  We are not like a standard franchise – our teachers have much more freedom in their work.

Investment Required:

£1990 plus VAT initial fee, management fees apply from month four of signing up and begin low to enable new businesses to get off the ground.


As many or as few as suits you, arranged as you wish.


This is difficult to predict, but some of our full time teachers (who also employ others to teach some of the classes) have turnovers in excess of £70,000.  A part time teacher couldn’t expect to do that well of course, but the potential is there!

Best suited to:

Energetic people with great communication skills who want to work within their own community (this is best as the networking is so much easier!).  A performing arts or teaching background is helpful but by no means essential.
We don’t have any men delivering classes at the moment – but in the past we have and they’ve been very successful, so there’s no restrictions there either!

Come and meet us!  It’s absolutely the best way to find out more.

The small print

  • Type: Licenced Teacher Scheme
  • Working hours: Set your own hours
  • Home or office: Home office.  Out & About locally to deliver classes
  • Area: Subject to availability, pick your own postcodes

Contact details

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Kirsty and Sara's story

Kirsty and Sara's story


Name: Kirsty Ottaway and Sara Holman

Location: Canterbury, Faversham, Whitstable and Ashford

Family: We each have one child of pre-school age


  • How often do you work?

    Four mornings a week.

  • How does the job fit around your family life?

    As we can set the times for our classes, we are able to make the school run in the morning, and as we don’t run afternoon classes we can also collect at the end of the day.

  • How much time do you commit?

    Around 13 hours delivering classes, and 2-3 hours a week doing admin and class preparation.

  • Where do you carry out your work?

    We have a variety of venues, including soft play, couple of Arts centres and a fine foods shop and cafe. Any admin is completed at home.

  • Do you need a car?


  • Do you get support/training?

    We had to complete a thorough online training programme prior to starting our classes which guided us through how to start running our own business, as well as training us to be Musical Bumps teachers. We also completed 2 days of initial training, which is followed up each year with annual training with all the other Musical Bumps teachers. There is ongoing support from Head office and our mentor, help is always on hand if you need it! We also have a forum for Musical Bumps teachers so we can ask for help and support there too. Lesson plans are provided each term, and every activity/song is on the Musical Bumps database with advice on how it could be delivered, and how to develop it further too. This resource is invaluable!

  • Would you recommend this opportunity to other mums and dads?

    Definitely. If you love music and working with children, and want the flexibility of working when you want, it is perfect!  Be prepared to work hard in the early days to get your business going, you need to put yourself out there, and market well. It really does pay off!

Maree's story

Maree's story


Name: Maree Waller

Location: Central Croydon, South Norwood, South Croydon

Family: One child aged 12


  • How often do you work?

    5 days a week plus occasional Saturdays or Sundays for parties

  • How does the job fit around your family life?

    Being based mainly in schools hours and term time it means I am generally free to spend time with my child in the holidays. When he was in primary school, I was able to attend assemblies and sports days and take him to school.

  • How much time do you commit?

    Generally 6-7 hours on a weekday plus admin time in the evening. 2 of my weekdays are only 3-4 hours of sessions so if I’m working smartly, I can do the admin on those days.

  • Where do you carry out your work?

    In a hired room in a community centre, in children’s centres, in a kid’s play cafe, a venue in central Croydon and school classrooms.

  • Would you recommend this opportunity to other mums and dads?YES! The best job ever.  You need to be a people person, love working with young children and families and be confident about what you are doing.

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