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Gender norms dismantled: why toys should just be toys

When the maelstrom that is 2020 had barely begun, it was clear that this generation of parents had some pressing concerns. A survey by childcare.co.uk of 5000 parents and guardians with children aged 0-15, showed that dismantling gender norms was very near the top of their worries. But why now? What is causing society to turn its back on all things pink and blue? Those were the days… It wasn’t always like this. Casting my mind back thirty-five years, I can still remember the feeling of total and utter disappointment. It was my seventh birthday, and I had been promised...

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Goal setting for 2018. Ready for an awesome year?

Well, we’re two weeks in.  How is your 2018 going so far?  Are your resolutions still holding up? If so, well done you.  Apparently it’s around about now that most fall by the wayside leaving us feeling deflated and a bit, um… well, rubbish really. I watched a fantastic masterclass on goal setting recently.  It was broadcast on facebook by Pete Cohen and left me feeling so optimistic and fired up about the year ahead, that I thought I’d share it with our MumsWork readers.

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How to not crash and burn this Christmas

You know that old adage, ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.’  It’s true and working mums are surely some of the busiest people around, especially if they are running their own business. Christmas is fast approaching and no matter how you feel about the festive season, we know you’ll be busting a gut to make it special for your little ones while also trying to keep all the other plates spinning.   We asked some local mums in business for their advice and tips for making sure the festivities go with a bang...

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