When times get tough know how to call on your inner reserves to maintain focus and still
achieve in the face of challenge.

Some days are pivotal – today is such a day.  When we change our thoughts we change our lives.  It’s
time to stop wishing and start doing consistently with clarity and with focus.  With systems in place to
measure results and to amend action accordingly.  I’m not just talking about business.  I’m talking
about every area of life.  You know all those things that you want to change.  Well it’s time to stop
wanting (which only focuses our attention on what we haven’t got) and use that energy of
awareness in a powerful positive way to create change.  To create lasting movement forward.  To
sustain that movement and to thrive and build upon it.

To re-iterate a quote I heard earlier “if you do what is hard, your life will be easy.” So it’s time to do
what is hard. To be consistent. To keep going. To succeed on your own terms.
And the biggest driver or motivator for success is knowing your why.  Why you do what you do.  Being
able to articulate it.  What is the driving force that makes you get up early and work late to pursue
your dreams? What is your why?

As important as it is to know what you are going after – you must know why you are pursuing these
goals. Otherwise it is far too easy to give up when you face obstacles.  Knowing our why also helps us
at these times because it re-reminds us of our inner strength, our courage and that we are more
than our human frailties.  And these in themselves can be turned to our advantage if we are aware of
them.  Be it by calling on outside help or by having systems in place or both.

What’s YOUR agenda? It needs to be so compelling that no matter what you keep going.  It should fill
you with so much excitement that you glow from the inside.  Your desire literally shines out of you.
So what are you passionate about?  What lights your inner fire?  What is the one thing that you’ve
always held dear?  If you no longer needed to earn money what would you spend your time doing?
An interesting question! I’d love to hear some of your answers…

The key is to focus on the what. Simply that. Nothing more. Our oh so human logical mind wants to
work out all the answers. It desires to know all the steps on the path. The HOW! Do not concern
yourself with the how. It doesn’t matter. It will come. Contrary to everything that you may have
been taught the only thing you really need to know is the what, backed up by an awe inspiring
powerful why.

When we change our focus when we stop struggling the answers come. Trust me I know. And that’s
ultimately what it comes down to, trust. When we know what we are aiming for and why we are
aiming at it we become aligned and energetically unstoppable.
In the words of Arthur Ashe “Start where you are. Use what you have.” Take a step forward. Any
step and the next step will come. Even if you don’t know how. Especially if you don’t know how. By
allowing, by letting go we allow something far greater than us to work through us.

So next time you feel stuck and don’t know what to do focus on your outcome. Remind yourself why
this is so important to you and breathe and let go. And allow yourself to be open to the guidance,
the intuition, the thoughts, the feelings, the opportunities and the synchronous events that come
your way.

So what’s my why? Why that would be telling!