How being honest with ourselves can positively affect our productivity and increase the pleasure of being a self-made entrepreneur.

Sometimes despite ‘the best laid plans…’ our bodies, the Universe or the world at large imposes on us in such a way that it can feel like we are no longer in control. Today I struggled. Today I had things to do – a whole uninterrupted day devoted to working on the business, catching up and getting organised.

Whew! Far from the pleasure that I had expected, the tasks that I had looked forward to, it felt that I was wading through treacle and everything – and I really do mean EVERYTHING was a tremendous effort. And as for pleasure – what pleasure? The whole point of following your life purpose, pursuing the career of your dreams, your inner passion (whatever you want to call it) is to enjoy it.

I recently read a great post about vulnerability by a woman I much admire. As a very private person I have always resisted writing about my own particular vulnerabilities.  In the work that I do I find it enormously beneficial to my clients to share examples and experiences from my own life, illustrating for all of us, that even if at times we may feel so, we are never alone. There is always someone who has experienced what we are experiencing… albeit in their own unique way.

So by writing this I know that I may just help someone else who then realises it’s not them – there’s nothing wrong and sometimes we are just not in the flow – whatever the reason is. And that’s the other thing, sometimes we don’t know what the reason is – and you know what, that’s ok too.

This is the art of true detachment of letting go and not having to have all the answers and to BE IN CONTROL! How liberating is that… The next and most empowering step in truly getting to grips and learning from how we are feeling is to do something different.

If we are truly honest with ourselves and recognise that we are not procrastinating, we are not being lazy, we are not being stopped by fear or any other story running in our head – and by the way, if you are dealing with any of these issues get help and get them sorted since you just don’t have to suffer. If by honest self-examination we know it’s not us, it really isn’t and even if we can’t explain it, put your finger on it or give it a name, just allow yourself to realise it isn’t you.

And then give yourself permission to actually go and do something different. Yep, that’s right – you heard me. You work for You. You make the rules. You are the boss. You can do what you want. Yes really. You can. Because You Say So!

And if you are still struggling I give you permission to go and do what you need to do, that wasn’t on your agenda this morning, your to do list, in your vision planning or anywhere on the horizon. I give you permission to leave the building. Go get some fresh air – have a walk, go for a run, heck drive to the beach. It doesn’t matter. You weren’t going to get anything productive done anyway…

Give yourself permission to do something different – to nourish your soul. To turn the computer off, to shut the door on the office; dare I say it – maybe even turn your phone off – and do something different. You will thank yourself for it. The world will not stop turning – you will feel better and who knows what will happen as a result.