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Scamps & Champs

Sector: Pet care services


Scamps & Champs provide a wide range of pet services to the local community. From dog walking to home boarding and pet sitting, our franchisees provide flexible or occasional services to suit their customer’s needs. The UK pet population has been growing rapidly throughout the last decade in the UK. There are now over 57 million pets which accounts for 40% of UK households who own a pet! Pet owners want to know that their pets will be well looked after whilst they’re at work or on holiday and so our services have become a natural part of pet ownership.

With a franchise you will be following a proven system that creates growth and profits, which are both uncapped and highly rewarding. Franchising is essentially a business in a box, with training, security and full support from a knowledgeable franchisor.

Investment Required:

£9,995 – no vat and no franchisee fees payable for the first 6 months

  • Trading under the Scamps & Champs brand name
  • An exclusive territory for you to trade in
  • Full training – on our company, operations, services and all aspects of running your own Scamps & Champs franchise
  • Permanent ongoing head office support
  • Complete start-up package – including stationery and sales literature
  • Operations and resource manual
  • A dedicated & integrated web presence and e-mail
  • Central Website
  • Pet Sitting software
  • Sign Writing for your car or van
  • 150 Business Cards
  • 150 Magnetic Calendars
  • 10,000 Leaflets / Postcards
  • Pet Business Software to run the business
  • 2 x Branded Hoodies
  • 2 x Branded Polo Shirts
  • £1,000 towards Google Adwords
  • 2 x pop up banners
  • 1 x waterproof banner
  • PLUS we sponsor a kennel for 12 months in your name at our local Animal Tears Rescue Centre


Full or part time – flexible


Varies depending on whether franchisee wants to run the business full or time part

Best suited to:

We are looking for hard working individuals with drive, the determination to succeed and who enjoy dealing with people. Attitude is the most important thing, everything else we can train and support you to achieve!

The small print

  • Type: Self-employed
  • Working hours: Flexible 
  • Home or office: Home Based – various locations available
  • Area: Nationwide

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Melanie's story


Name: Melanie Kerry

Location: Derby


Melanie Kerry has been the proud owner of Scamps & Champs Derby since September 2015.
Melanie has been building a team of dog walkers around her and is really enjoying the freedom, flexibility and pleasure she gets out of her business.
Melanie graduated from university with a law degree and worked in sales and accounts for 10 years around her family. She then did a PGCE and became a teacher and became assistant head teacher which was a role she was in for 10 years. Melanie decided that she wanted to leave her job because it was extremely stressful and pressurised with long hours. Melanie wanted something that would give her more freedom and a chance to work for herself.

“I left my previous job because I didn’t have any sort of work-life balance. If the Head Teacher wasn’t in
school, I would have to stay and look after the children who hadn’t been collected and there were some
who might not be collected until 10 o clock at night! I work a lot now but I enjoy it. I was under a lot of
pressure and I wanted a better lifestyle and to do something I enjoyed.”

“I chose franchising because I’m completely new to being self-employed and so I wanted a model that I
knew was working for other people and has structures and support in place. Franchising has also
allowed me to hit the ground running and get ahead of where I would have been on my own. It’s really
helped to have a company Facebook page and website which look very professional and the great
reviews have also helped!”

Scamps & Champs provide a wide range of pet services to the local community. From dog walking to
home boarding and pet sitting, our franchisees provide flexible or occasional services to suit their
customer’s needs. The Scamps & Champs franchise can provide a full-time or part-time income
depending on your own goals and desires, whether you want to take on the work yourself or employ a
full team to help you scale the business up and become even more profitable. Scamps & Champs is a
business that will fit around your lifestyle to help you achieve a better work-life balance whilst building a
career you can enjoy.

Every Scamps & Champs franchisee has one thing in common, they love animals. Meeting a range of
customers and pets gives many of them the fulfilment and working life they enjoy. They choose
appointments that fit around their lives and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of running their own
businesses. Melanie enjoys the free time to spend with her children and the varied nature of the

“I really enjoy running my own business and every day is completely different. I have set walks each day
and I can schedule them in around my children. I can choose my working hours so I can spend as much
time with them as possible.”

“Before joining the Scamps & Champs network, I went to visit Lesley at Head Office to get an outline of
how the business works. I was under no pressure to sign up at that point and I was left to make my own
decision. After signing up I had two days of training in Stockport which included lots of things like
marketing and software and I went out with a dog walker for hands on experience. Since then, Lesley’s
always updating us and offering more training. She also comes out to visit me regularly for more
training. I’ve got qualifications and I’m doing my first aid training course later in the year, as well as
social media training.

If I have any problems, we have really good software support. I often exchange emails with Head Office and we have a forum for franchisees to talk and ask question, we work really closely as franchisees.”

“I was really excited to start my business because I felt really well supported. During the training Lesley
showed me how to deal with clients, take calls and access the software. I love my business now! I get up
every day and it doesn’t feel like I’m going to work. I do dog walks and pet visits and I now have staff
working for me as dog walkers. Every day is busy but I just love it.”

“My advice to anyone looking to join our network would be to listen to Lesley. She’s got a wealth of
experience and she’s given me so much advice on building relationships with other pet carers so I get
quite a few recommendations now. Lesley also helped me to build a good marketing plan that I can
follow to build the business in my area.”

“For the future, I’d like to build my area and I have spoken to Lesley about taking a second franchise
with someone managing it for me.”

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