Congratulations on your new business venture!  You’ve taken a brave step on what will be a very exciting journey. 

Now, presuming you have a website, a product or service ready to go and a place to work from, you’ll be wanting to let the world know about it.

Marketing has changed beyond all recognition in recent years.  Yes, it’s still worthwhile executing traditional marketing campaigns including press releases, printing and distributing leaflets and so on.  But that can get expensive quite quickly.

Your best bet is to go digital.  We’re talking social media, blogging, direct email, search engine optimisation, paid ads and so on.  Don’t be frightened if you think you’re not techie enough.  If you know your stuff about your area of expertise, then you will be more than capable of producing some compelling content to promote your business.  And the best news is, most of it can be done for free with your time being your only investment.

Here’s a few good reasons why your blog is the best place to start and will quickly become your best friend when it comes to promoting your business:

  • Your blog is where you get to demonstrate your expertise in a fairly informal manner.
  • Blogging creates content for you to share on your social media accounts.
  • It gives you a platform to talk about new products or services and really let your brand shine.
  • It’s also great for SEO (search engine optimisation) as Google loves regular, fresh content.
  • If you have comments enabled, then voila!  You have the means for a two-way conversation with your audience.

So, you see, your blog will sit at the heart of your digital marketing activity.  Aim to schedule some time every other week to write and you’ll soon have a library of blog posts at your disposal, each one being a useful and cost effective piece of marketing collateral.

Here’s 6 top tips to writing great blog posts:

Define who you are writing for and why:

What is it that your potential clients really want to find out?  What worries or concerns do they have?  What are they really interested in specifically?  Wouldn’t it be great if your blog post popped up there in the search engine results with the answer they’ve been looking for?  Be useful and be interesting.  Give away your knowledge for free.

Grab the readers’ attention:

You’ll need a strong, catchy title and a compelling introduction.  Let your readers know as soon as possible what concern or problem the article may be addressing.  Doing so provides a connection for how reading it will improve their life, business or work  and they’ll be more inclined to read on.

Make your post visually appealing:

Now you’ve lured your potential client to your website, the last thing you want to do is overwhelm  them with a huge block of boring text.  Try to organise your content into:

  • Sections with subheadings
  • Lists
  • Tables
  • Tips
  • Infographics and so on.  You get the idea.


Proof read for spellings and grammar and ensure the images you use are relevant and appropriate.  Try to aim for consistency of style between one blog post and the next.

Insert a ‘Call To Action’:

Remember to prompt the reader to take the desired action at the end of the blog. This could be:

  • Get in touch
  • Subscribe to your blog
  • Download something useful (in exchange for their email address)
  • Register for a webinar or event

It doesn’t have to be written:

Video is huge in digital marketing now!  If you are comfortable talking to your webcam or mobile phone, then you should definitely go for it.  It’s not that difficult to record a how-to video and embed it into a blog post from your YouTube channel.  Go on, be brave!  You’ll reap the rewards as statistics show website visitors are far more likely to engage  with video content than the written word.  The added bonus, is that they will feel that they are getting to know you personally and we all know that people buy from people they like.  So just be yourself and be friendly!


So, go and have fun with it!  Once you make a start, blogging will come more naturally over time.  If you feel slightly uneasy putting yourself out there, that’s not a bad place to start from.   Think of this as an exercise in growth and personal development that also happens to benefit your business too.