There are a growing number of organisations waking up to the benefits of employing women who want something that fits around school drop-offs and pick-ups. You may think that the only suitable work available is within a classroom but here are a few ideas of school hours jobs you may not have thought of, leaving you with more time to spend with your young family.

Small and local

Many small businesses are keen to tap into the expertise of women who have moved on from the corporate life to raise a family. Consider your skill-set and experience.  Is it transferable?  Are there any local companies where you could add value?  You may not be able to take all the school holidays off but many small companies will be flexible, valuing the benefits you bring.

Educational facility

Work within a school or another educational establishment like a university, a sixth-form college or a pre-school doesn’t have to involve teaching or any direct contact with children or students.  There are roles for administrators, HR support, finance, IT, as well as cleaning and catering.  You’ll be surprised at what a search for “Work During School Hours” brings up on, one of the UK’s largest job sites.

Search on dedicated recruitment portals

As a result of companies wanting more flexibility in their workforce, recruitment websites and job portals are also getting in on this.  There are many fantastic opportunities listed on and, among others.  See our recruitment directory page for more ideas.

Set up on your own

Working for yourself gives you ultimate flexibility. There are countless freelancing jobs and small businesses that you can manage around family life. Check out our top 10 freelance business ideas for inspiration.


If you have an interest or a passion for something, perhaps now could be the ideal time to take it forward into a new and exciting career.  From yoga to psychotherapy, and PR to web design, there are courses available.  Depending on the qualifications needed within your chosen industry, you can find very cheap courses at local colleges and very expensive ones in London.  Within a year or two you could be earning money doing what you love.

Domestic help

Cleaning, laundry and basic house maintenance might be a breeze for you, but there will certainly be other families locally who need an extra pair of hands to keep on top of things.  This is a job you can start with very little initial outlay and a job that brings an immediate income.  As long as you don’t mind working hard you can quickly establish local clients who will recommend you to their friends.  Don’t expect to earn enough to pay for your own help however – rates are low, starting from £10 an hour.

Gardening services

If you are green-fingered and love the outdoors, there are plenty of opportunities for hard-working gardeners.  From straightforward mowing services, to more skilled garden design consultations, people are prepared to pay for someone else to make their garden beautiful.  In the South East region expect to earn £15 an hour for mowing grass and rising with more horticultural knowledge.  The Royal Horticultural Society offer a range of courses and qualifications.  You can also boost your credentials by volunteering for organisations such as The National Trust and The Wildlife Trusts.


If you enjoy looking after children then nannying or childminding could be for you.  While nannies are not required to hold any qualifications, you may find that childcare qualifications make you more desirable.  You would most likely be expected to have first aid training and safeguarding knowledge.  To become a childminder you need to be registered with OFSTED and meet certain criteria as specified by them.

Forest school practitioner

If the idea of the classroom doesn’t appeal but you enjoy seeing children grow and thrive perhaps consider becoming a forest school practitioner. The use of forest school methodology is increasing in schools across the country and its popularity is growing as parents and teachers seek new ways to engage children with nature.  Find more information about training at